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Goodbye 'Bangor 360' - Hello 'myBangor'!

Goodbye 'Bangor 360' - Hello 'myBangor'!

For the 2013/14 academic year 'Bangor 360' is being replaced by myBangor. This service will offer the same range of on-line services and applications for University students and staff, but it will include a range of additional facilities. myBangor will be going live during Welcome Week 2013. Click here to access myBangor...

What'll happen to the 'blue bubbles'?

All the services which have been accessible via Bangor360 will be accessible through the new myBangor provision, and whilst the 'blue bubbles' aren't part of the design of myBangor we think you'll find them just as easily as before!

Looking for the Online Undergraduate Handbook?

The new online handbook is also part of myBangor. You may access the handbook via the 'handbook' link in the main site menu.